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16 Responses to Subscribe by email

  1. ginger says:

    Hi, I take it you are not home. I’ll see you next week. Hope all is going ok. Enjoy that baby boy.

    • cookie says:

      Oops, yes, I’m in Minnesota, getting all the grandbaby time I can! Doing pretty much okay. Took a bit of break-thru pain meds today.


  2. Pandea Smith says:


    I would like to follow up with you about a display of your photos at Pages during August. I am in the store Monday, Wednesday, Friday or I can come to any evening. I am really excited to have your photos on display so I hope it still suits you. I’m also thinking about a way to combine some Indian food and fundraiser for you during the opening, if that would interest you. You can call me at 283-3002 or email. Hope to talk to you soon. Thanks.


  3. Chris says:

    Hey Cookie–I loved reading your story about your tandem bike experiences. Dan and I love to ride ours and it does give us time to just be together without all the rest of the world to interrupt. Also, just know my prayers are with you and Dave as you go through this difficult time in your life.

    • cookie says:

      Your email (subscription notification) came in an unusual way and led to my labeling it as phishing; I wonder if you had a virus or something. Glad to see the comment – which reassured me it wasn’t spam. I miss riding bike – though probably not as much as Dave does. We tried a couple times early on and I wasn’t sure it felt so good. May try again one of these days.

      Thanks for your prayers.

  4. Lynnette says:

    Cookie, you’ve got to write Congressman Pompeo! I bet you already have…he downed Obamacare in his recent email. Get him!

    I’m so glad for your exhibit, your celebration of arriving grandson, your anniversary and your life! Thanks for touching mine.


    • cookie says:

      Thank you Lynnette,

      I find politics sometimes overwhelming;I quite reading news for a while, but am starting to again. It is so hard to listen to/read the misinformation being spread around and not get angry and/or discouraged to the point of despair. In the “Press this” category I sometimes post articles that clearly indicate my desire for saner politics when it comes to health care, poverty, etc.

      It is hard not to feel overwhelmed. Thanks for encouraging me not to give up!

  5. Michael L Landreth DDS says:

    Hi Cookie. Connie and I will include you in our prayer time each day. We actually have way more in common than the times our paths crossed back in the 80’s. Take each day one at a time and see God’s goodness reveal itself constantly.

    • cookie says:

      Thank you so much for your prayers. I am amazed you remember patients from 30 years ago!


      • Michael L Landreth DDS says:

        I think we first met in a Gail Lutsch class at Bethel. Truthfully, I don’t remember too may more patients with the name Cookie. My wife Connie is also living with cancer, you very eloquently put words to some of our thoughts. Thanks

        • cookie says:

          I remember that class, I think I have one small watercolor picture of a pair of boots that I thought was worth keeping. I think I came to you for dental work after that class because I thought an “artist” might do a better job on making my caps look good!

          I’m sorry about your wife; it’s a journey for both of you. I wish you both God’s grace and healing.

          • Michael L Landreth DDS says:

            Cookie, I suspect you and Dave have more than just a little that you might privately share with Connie and me. If you feel up to it, I am reachable by my new Twitter “MdotLandreth” or Michael Landreth on facebook or as an email. We will continue to pray for you and Dave!

  6. Richard Hirschler says:

    Dear Dave and Cookie,
    May God bless you as you continue the difficult path. I pray that all will work out for you. Your efforts are appreciated.

  7. Cindy Unruh says:

    prayers for help and support as you leave and the help and support you need as you arrive. Safe travels and hope that your flights are comfortable and on time. Love and prayers, Cindy and Daryl

  8. Lee Penner says:

    I would like to offer my prayers for safe travel, good medical care, and healing.
    Welcome home,

  9. Elizabeth and Lou says:

    We hold you in prayer and want to stay in touch.

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