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Welcome to www.Charitableliving.net.   After having some posts disappear or become corrupted, we are upgrading and redoing the site.  It’s not as fancy as it was, but we will continue to refine it and especially, to add photos.

We are also “re-constructing” our lives.  Join us for another great adventure!

Our newest posts will always show up here and on the Home page.

Cookie’s cancer posts are here.

Our Woodstock School posts are here.

Posts are filed/archived according to the categories listed on the right side of this page.  There is some overlap between categories.

Our online photo albums can be seen here.

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5 Responses to Quick Links

  1. Brandon Cline says:

    Hi Cookie and Dave,

    Ben Duvall sent me the link to your website – he stayed with you during his Fall of 2008 cross-country bicycle trip, and said you were among the nicest people he met on his journey 🙂

    I’m currently on my own cross-country bicycle trip from Charlottesville, VA to Manhattan Beach, CA. It’s been about a month since I left Virginia, and in about five to six days (roughly Sun, 7/24 and Mon, 7/25), I should be arriving in Newton, KS. I was wondering if you all weren’t too busy and be willing to host me the nights of Sun, 7/24 and Mon, 7/25. Just looking to rest my legs for a day.

    I completely understand if you’re unable to host me, but any help would be greatly appreciated!


    P.S. Sorry to be writing this in the comments section; Ben didn’t have your contact info other than your website.

  2. Lynnette Redington says:

    Hey, Cookie, so glad you and Dave are here in Newton. Remember Ken at SRS? Perhaps he can help you if you haven’t already gotten that help. Let me know if I can link you or find some resources for you. I LOVED hearing about your organization of the medical records. You learned a lot from that Tobacco/Healthy Living grant days! 🙂

    Call or email if you need something…

  3. Paula says:

    Hi Cookie –

    So how do I sign up to receive updates through email – I don’t see a box??

    • cookie says:

      Paula, we’re trying several things… Look under META on the right side. None have worked quite like we hoped – yet. Will let you all know when we get it figured out like we want it – which will hopefully be simple for everyone else…

  4. Margaret Toews says:

    You and Dave are in our thoughts and prayers. Nate and Joanna have so many wonderful memories of times at your house in Newton. Thank you!!

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