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Driviel Drone & More,Sat,Oct. 15th, 2011

I seem to be getting some flack from people who do not get  a notification email from Charitableliving as they do show up as a “post” and wonder what they’ve missed and why. Dave also preferred the “Cookie Crumbs” from … Continue reading

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Certainty is Better Than Hope

We caught part of this piece on NPR this morning and it fits so well with what I’ve been chewing on lately, in regards to ” Hope”.  Here’s a bit of the article to give you a taste – there’s … Continue reading

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What is “Press This”?

Press This is actually a tool I’ve added to my website that allows me to extensively quote other people’s work or reprint an entire article – with proper citations. It is listed as a “category” along with cancer, biking, India, … Continue reading

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Ovarian cancer trial with reovirus

This is not the trial I am trying to get into, but the article does give some info about the virus used in the trial I am wanting – and how it works.  -Cookie Randomized Phase II Ovarian Cancer Study … Continue reading

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