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CharitableLiving.net is a website devoted to whole-life stewardship. Our bike ride in support of Generations at Risk Bicycles in 2007,  our 2009 return to work at Woodstock School in India and now Cookie’s latest life-changing “adventure” are ways in which we are trying to live our whole life in stewardship.

Whole-Life Stewardship:

Making faith the fulcrum, leveraging your life

fulcrum: 1. The point or support on which a lever turns. 2. A position, element, or agency through, around, or by means of which vital powers are exercised.

Discipleship (moving towards a unity of faith and life) leads to risk-taking, which in turn leads to growth in Christ-likeness, which leads to a greater unity of faith and life (discipleship) which leads to…

Jim Wallis in a Feb., 2005 speech at Bethel College, N. Newton, KS, said “God is personal, but never private…  God wants a relationship with you to work on God’s big things.” He went on to say that “History is changed by social movements with a spiritual foundation.”

At Charitable Living, we believe that life with a spiritual foundation can be a fulcrum by which God changes our world with our lives as the lever. The amount of difference a lever makes depends on the size of the fulcrum and where along the lever’s length they touch.

If our faith is indeed the fulcrum, “What’s the evidence of a changed life?” becomes an important question. Stephen L. Carter in his book Integrity (Basic Books, 1996, p.7), describes integrity as three steps:

(1) Discerning what is right and what is wrong;

(2) Acting on what you have discerned, even at personal cost; and

(3) Saying openly that you are acting on your understanding of right from wrong.

Whole-Life stewardship is an attempt to live our lives with the integrity that comes of making faith the fulcrum for life-directing decisions and actions.  Amen.

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