Cookie and I started about eight years ago with the dual purpose of keeping in touch with family and friends and encouraging others to step out of their comfort-zones and make life choices which increase love, grace and justice in the world. Cookie died nearly five years ago.

Two and a half years ago Elena and I married. She brings to our marriage similar values, but with her own perspective. We have experienced much joy and much growth in our short time together.

Last February an email came across Elena’s desk at Mennonite Mission Network, “Do you have a passion for mission and a passion for coffee?” So long story short, we arrived this week in Kathmandu to work at The Top of the World Coffee Shop. It seems like a good time to revive with both purposes still intact. First, to keep in touch with family and friends. But, maybe more importantly, to encourage others to step out of their comfort zones and, to paraphrase Marty Troyer and the Lord’s prayer, work so that “thy kingdom come, the will be done in Kathmandu/Newton/Houston/… as it is in heaven.”

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One Response to Re-boot

  1. Birdie Vander Molen says:

    Have been remembering Cookie in recent weeks … many good memories. So very thankful that Elena has joined our families. Very blessed we all are.

    Thanks for the update on your most recent adventure.

    Birdie (and Tim)

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