A Tribute to Cookie: Take Us with You

Beverly Bartel Regier wrote:

Yesterday afternoon we stopped by the funeral home during visitation for our friend, Cookie, who passed away on Monday.  Cookie’s sister was just beginning to set up memorabilia from Cookie’s life.  She had stacks of photos, albums, art, etc., and she enlisted our help.  It was such fun doing that, because we’ve known Cookie for so much of her life that I was familiar with a lot of the memories in a personal way.

One book caught my attention more than the others.  It was a scrapbook our small group had made for Dave and Cookie and Abra before they left for Chad.  We had filled our pages with photos, memories, and blessings for them as they left.  And I had written a letter.

Part of that letter was a plea that they take us with them along to Chad.  I wrote that this new adventure would change them, would cause them to ask questions and search for answers, would give them new perspectives, would help them define better ways to live.  I wanted to not be left behind.  I wanted to grow alongside them, asking the questions, struggling for the answers, gaining the new perspectives and wisdom.

Now in the middle of the night before the funeral, I lie awake realizing that all along, even before I wrote that plea, they have taken us along.  It has been part of who Cookie is to be open, vulnerable, and not afraid to speak the questions or share the answers, not afraid to take risks, make mistakes, or make things right after those mistakes.

Read the entire tribute which Bev shared during the funeral lunch on Bev’s blog, Vintage Navelgazer.  Thank you Bev!

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