Final Good-bye

Cookie finished the race this morning.

Cookie has been ready for some time. Yesterday evening sister-in-law Colleen, a nurse, told me that she thought Cookie might go during the night.  I asked her if she had told Cookie.  She hadn’t, so I decided to go ahead and tell her and got a big grin and a thumbs up signal from Cookie.  Most of the night she had difficulty breathing; only occasionally was she able to breath smoothly.  Then around 7:40 this morning her breathing slowed for a few minutes then stopped, and Cookie got a big smile on her face.  She took a couple of more shallow breaths and coughed a bit then she was finished.  Earlier in the night I had told her I loved her and she responded, “I know, (smile), I love you too.”

Thank you for all your prayers during Cookie’s illness.  She ran the good race and has earned the prize.

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42 Responses to Final Good-bye

  1. Ravi Arthur says:


    You and Cookie are so much a part of us that we cannot help but feel the deep sadness in the loss of such a beautiful life. I am sure you are aware of the undisguised admiration that we all have for you, Cookie’s faith and the smile on the face and your standing by her to the very end.

    The Arthurs.

  2. Dear Dave,
    We are the parents of Deb’s husband, Stephen. And we have known Cookie and you and Abra for many years through family conversations and the wonderful pictures of you all in their home. And I got to know Cookie through her Charitableliving entries. What a truly amazing woman she was, and you are both examples of how to live – Cookie, how to leave – with grace. Thank you for sharing her last day. Sharon and Jerry Wooding.

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