The New Normal

Cookie continues to be weak but, all things considered, is doing well.  All systems are functional, her blood O2 levels are staying stable in the mid-80s on 10 liters of Oxygen.  When she is fully awake she is bright eyed and smiling, but she has been sleeping a lot and is often a bit groggy even when awake.

Abra and Phil left for home (Minneapolis) Wednesday afternoon and arrived safely yesterday.  So now it’s back to Birdie and me providing the 24 hour care.   Generally I stay up late anyway so Birdie goes to bed early while I stay up with Cookie.  We may watch a Doctor Who episode on netflix and I give her her bedtime medications and make sure she is comfortable, keep her mouth and lips moistened, etc.  Then in the middle of the night 2:00-3:00, Birdie relieves me and I go up to bed.

Last night, the world series game put a kink in our routine.  We aren’t set up so that I can watch the game in Cookie’s room, so my watching meant that Birdie had to sit with Cookie.  When the game went into extra innings I offered to stop watching so that Birdie could get to sleep, but she insisted I should finish the game.  So it was very late for her when she got to bed and even later for me before I got to bed (5:30), although I did doze some while sitting with Cookie. But I got my reward when I came downstairs this morning at 10:00 and saw the bright smile on Cookie’s face.  Another day has begun.

Cookie is comfortable and at peace with her family, her friends and her God.


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2 Responses to The New Normal

  1. rusty and mary lou says:

    Thanks, Dave, for giving us some updates. Can’t imagine the level of exhaustion: mind, body and soul. It’s like the transition stage of labor. Our love and prayers, Mary Lou and Rusty

  2. Lee Penner says:

    I am grateful for Cookie’s smile. I could see her smiling as I read your post.
    We continue our prayers for God’s love, peace, hope, and blessings to you and your house.

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