Feeling Human Again

This morning Cookie awoke early, a little after 3:00 a.m., and felt normal.  She decided not to move or touch anything in case it was just an illusion but by the time she awoke again at 5:00, she was definitely feeling human.

In fact, she was feeling so human that she did a very  human activity, something that most of us do without much thought everyday, she had a bowel movement.  The trouble with that was she is now wearing adult diapers, and we are inexperienced with them.  I did my best to clean her up and get her re-diapered, but when she thought that she had done more I called hospice to come help me.  We will learn…

But I digress.  Cookie is feeling much better today.  She is more alert.  Her blood O2 level is better than it was on Monday and similar to yesterday.  She is taking more initiative in asking for things like a toothpick to clean her teeth.  She is still staying in bed and not interested in moving around the house in the wheel chair.  She also has told Abra and Phil that it might be okay for them to return to Minneapolis since she is “not going to die today.”

Pray for her continued strength and that we will face each day as a gift to be treasured.

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4 Responses to Feeling Human Again

  1. Caprice Becker says:

    Thanks for the update. We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Dave, yes you will learn. Hospice back up can be quite a sustainer for all involved.

  2. Dot Wildman says:

    Dear Cookie and Dave,

    We are keeping you in out hearts, thoughts and prayers. Good to hear of feeling some sense of normality.


    Pete and Dot

  3. Ben Lall says:

    Dear Dave & Cookie,
    Sangeeta and I are praying for you. We cannot imagine how it must be and yet are grateful to God for the amazing testimoney that you have displayed ….
    Blessings and we pray for strength for both of you.
    Please convey our love to Cookie ….
    Ben & Sangeeta

  4. Dana Crider says:

    Our dearest Dave and Cookie, Yes, yes, we pray for Cookie’s strength, and for yours, Dave. Give thanks for each day and its particular grace and blessings. We send our love from the mountain top today. We are praying and watching with you both.

    Dana, for the Woodstock community

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