Thursday, had our first really bad night

  •  I had my first panic attack about not getting enough oxygen
  • Pretty scary, did not sleep well at all.
  • Dave came down to -cuddle “I’m not ready yet.”
  • I wasn’t ready to  die yet either.
  • Lay for hours thinking I had to go  pee, so didn’ , suffered all night.
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6 Responses to Thursday, had our first really bad night

  1. Marilyn Grisham says:

    Cookie, You have lived your life with such class and style. I am so grateful that I have known you and I cherish all the memories that I have of you. I pray that God will continue comforting you. With love to you and Dave, Marilyn Grisham

  2. Suzanne chapek says:

    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Holding you in my heart.

  3. Esther Rempel says:

    We want to congratulate you on your anniversary. Also on joining the ranks as grandparents. We finally joined the ranks about two years ago when Cameron and Amy adopted little Kaitlyn. This year they added baby Lily. (Her adoption will be final in December.) And Mara and Matt had Noah about 18 months ago.

    Your family remains in our prayers. Esther

  4. Vicci Blankenship says:

    Hey you guys…this is Vicci from Dr Delmore’s office. Just thinkin’ about you 2 and wanted to say hello and send hugs and prayers your way! I Love you and Jesus does too!

  5. Cousin Les says:

    Cookie just want you to know I’m praying for your comfort and peace! Thinking of the fun memories I have with you! They will be forever etched in my heart!


  6. Caprice Becker says:

    Well, I guess we will add one more thing to the prayer list–getting your breath. Glad Dave was available to cuddle.

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