Driviel Drone, Oct. 6, 2011

Gettin’ Go’in the mornin’:

  • Got up relatively on-time today.
  • Got through the meds and meals without any troubles.
  • Am up, dressed and alert at the table, with my computer and everybody else on theirs.
  • Twitches are definitely getting stronger and more frequent, making it quite difficult  to type and drink without numerous spills and typos.
  • A sippi cup will be the next step.  Let’s see, Depends for the end and a sippi cup for the beginning… What more do I need?

Keep’in go’in’:

  • Eating my brother’s leftover homemade ice cream…
  • Spilling about half a bottle of my breakfast- and- lunch, (sticky all over me too…Ensure, of course)
  • Jerry came by
  • Got a sippi cup for water, slurpy cup for Ensure and Jerry came by; that’s three good things that have happened today.
  • I greeted him by dropping my glass of ice water – and breaking it  (that’s three bad things)…
  • I have probably have ascites developing in my gut – I had really hoped NOT to have Ascites. Arghhh, makes  my Tibetan Tunic tight!
  • Heading out for Taste of Newton downtown, tonight.

Go’in’ to bed

  • Taste of Newton was good tonight
  • I could eat ice cream.
  • From Steve Job (NPR special):


  • Appointment tomorrow morning with oncologist…
  • For decisions and uncertainties

Love, Cookie




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