Drivial Drone, Monday, Oct., 3rd, 2011:

Today’s Drivel:

Hymn sing last night at First Mennonite Church was WONDERFUL!

I like river images, so sang these favorites:

  • Like a River Glorious
  • As the Deer For Water Longs
  • In the Rifted Rock I’m Resting
  • My Life Flows On
  • Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

Gospel Favorites:

  • I’ll Fly Away
  • Farther Along
  • Guide My Feet (for the years when I was a runner and a good) one!)
  • Home On the Range (which I played on my auto harp on the banks of the Chari river every night  in Chad for three years)
  • Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky

Hymns that have stayed with us throughout our marriage

  • Morning is Broken (walked in to at our wedding)
  • Here I am Lord
  • If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee
  • Ending with a rousing rendition of Precious Lord, accompanied by Donna Stucky.
  • Many Thanks to:
  •  Marsha and Rod Schmidt for organizing,
  • Anita for including other churches,
  • Roy Goering for taping,
  • accompanists/musicians: Darryl Unruh, Dwight Regier, Michael Combs,  Carol Entz.
  • For all  who came to celebrate: joining the Life Sharing Sunday School class from beyond the doors of First Mennonite, we  are grateful for your presence too.

What a joy it was to sing to each other sitting in the front of the sanctuary!

Will add more  later tonight, heading for the drop-in clinic because my hemorrhoid is giving me too much trouble – probably enough to prevent my BM that is ready-and-waiting!

Please Pray for a simple, uncomplicated outcome!

Generally good news:

  • Bowel sounds are more normal!w
  • Lungs sound more normal
  • Dr. was able to remove some stool,
  • lance the hemorrhoid (I’m a big girl now) and apply topical lidocain for pain.
  • I do feel better in  the lower gut without the other stuft  backed up in there.
  • Generally not-s0-good news:

    • I may have a little  ascities that fluid carrying cancers cells that bloats your guts and needs to be tapped) d
    • Will need to be very careful regarding all things hemorroidoial…
    • Need to sit in warm tubs,
    • dig very gently to remove stools manually if necessary
    • take Miralax daily
    • push very gently
  • Walk
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    One Response to Drivial Drone, Monday, Oct., 3rd, 2011:

    1. Caprice says:

      Hymn sings are GREAT. Hope to come to Fall Fest, no promises since I had bunion and hammer toe repair Sept 14. Will call on the way into town or before showing up at your door, if it works.

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