Driviel Drone Sat, Oct. 1, 2011

Today’s Drivel:

  • I’ve gone two months without any treatment, I did not expect to live this long without any treatment.¬† I expected to be dead or more explicitly dying by now.
  • Instead, I’ve had another good day!!! It’s amazing, so many good days in a row, must be all of your prayers!
  • Actually went out with Birdie on the bike path for about 1 3/4 miles, of which I walked a good half mile.
  • Need to drink two liters of water on top of four Ensure every day or I won’t pee properly.
  • Have hemorrhoid that doesn’t bother me much.
  • Haven’t felt as bloated, actually ate ice cream with John & Colleen this evening, Birdie, and cousin Naomi, who drove up from KC this afternoon.
  • Joel and Hilda picked up their photos this afternoon and we had a wonderful, relaxed visit with them, I can say it was relaxed, I fell asleep for awhile.
  • I haven’t had any nausea over a week.


  • Please continue to pray for these good days – it’s working day day by day
  • I have a hemorrhoid¬† that doesn’t hurt or itch, but it does mean I can’t really push that BM that’s just right there out either… Trying to go “all natural” with that!
  • Pray for that day-by-day “peace-that-passeth-understanding”.
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