Drivial Drone, Friday, Sept 30, 2011

Today’s highlights (and low lights, I guess…)

  • Slept in a very long time – went back to sleep after  7 a.m. meds and drinking an Ensure.
  • Still bloated but felt better.
  • Took a shower.
  • Felt felt so good went out walking on the bike path – I walked an entire mile  pushing the wheel chair (my “walker”) without sitting down!!!
  • Scared off every turtle without getting a single photo…
  • Am only drinking Ensure.
  • Found out there is no “wash-out” time between starting taxotere next Friday and starting a trial if my tumor is Her2 sensitive. This is very good news. Most trials require a 28-day wash-out period when you can’t do anything – very scary, when you already no what you were taking isn’t doing any good.
  • Tomorrow I will have gone two months without any treatment at all.  Frankly, I didn’t expect to live this long with no treatment! However, the cancer has concentrated on metastisized extensively to the bones, and spread in the abdomen, threatening a bowel obstruction – still my greatest fear and threat.
  • After a really great day overall with cousin Trina dropping by, I suddenly developed intense bone pain between four and five p.m. I took  a breakthrough med and used ice, then fell asleep and slept all evening while Dave went to the Sunday School social where his team won at “A Minute to Win it”. No doubt there was something that having a tall guy with long arms (“the elephant”) was an advantage for!
  • Am going to try to convince him to watch “Doctor Who” even though it’s gotten late…


  • For those bowel obstructions just trying to happen – all those little nodules (or not so, by now) pushing in on my small intestine, creating little check-dams all along the way. Dr. Delmore said a month ago my bowels could look like a string of sausages… each tight point threatening to become a full-blown obstruction. Pray that they would slow down!!!
  • That my tumor will be her2 receptive – this gives a very good option for treatment that could do some good. Not a cure, but palliative for pain and slowing things down a bit.
  • Also that the taxotere would not have any major side effects.

Love Cookie

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One Response to Drivial Drone, Friday, Sept 30, 2011

  1. Trina says:

    Cookie, it was inspiriational to visit and hear about some of your HR experiences. I’m thankful you felt well enough to see me and sorry you had a rough evening. Prayers coming your way!

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