Certainty is Better Than Hope

We caught part of this piece on NPR this morning and it fits so well with what I’ve been chewing on lately, in regards to ” Hope”.  Here’s a bit of the article to give you a taste – there’s quite a bit more on the NPR website at the link at the end of this quote.

“It’s impossible to give up hope until you know … ” Matar says. “I recently went to a fishing village in Ireland and it’s the only place … where I found people that feel exactly the same way that I do about my father.”

In this village, several fishermen had gone out to sea in their tiny boats and never returned. Their loved ones had not given up hope that the men would someday return — however unlikely the odds.

“Living in hope is a really terrible thing,” Matar says. “People speak about hope most of the time as a very positive thing. … [But] it’s a very dispossessing thing, it’s a very difficult thing to live with. When you’ve been living in hope for a long time as I have, suddenly you realize that certainty is far more desirable than hope.”


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One Response to Certainty is Better Than Hope

  1. Reanette Boese says:

    I heard the same story and thought of you. Thanks for your sharing.

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