We know the way to San Jose – mile by mile by mile by…

We know the way to San Jose – intimately.  All but the one day we had to be carried due to bike trouble.   We got up this morning, had coffee and depleted Linda’s store of tortillas, apples and peanut butter/our Nutella and headed for the convention center to see if we could, finally, finish uploading all of our photos to the web.  Success!  Dave uploaded and I’ve added, I think, about all the ride photos that we’ll add.  You can always click on any photo to get into the actual web album with lots more good, bad and mediocre photos.  Hopefully, I’ve added the best to the blog.   There’s more to add to the blog, more about people we met, things I forgot to write in the hurried moments in libraries about to close and I want to respond to the comments.  Please feel free to comment!  I’d love it if someone would identify all the wildflowers along the way.

We’re certainly in better shape (Dave’s lost at least 10 pounds), our jerseys are stained, our bike is dirty, our tent has a hole in it, but hey… We’re here!

Financially, we don’t have the latest figures from our efforts to raise $10,000 for 126 bicycles for health workers visiting people affected by HIV/AIDS  in Zambia, Kenya and Uganda.  We’re somewhere over $8500, we think.   It’s not too late to donate…. just click on the Donate Now link at the top left of our site for more info on exactly where/how the bikes will be used and how much they will cost locally.  Thank you for your help!

So what happens now?  We’re at the Mennonite Church USA bienniel convention until Saturday, then will head down to Reedley to visit college friends Al and Barb Ewy.  On July 12th, we’ll get on Amtrak for a nice leisurely (no pedaling!) ride home to Newton, KS where our garden will be about 6′ tall due to all the rain!

This website, charitableliving.net will morph over the next days/weeks into a website devoted to whole-life stewardship with essays/articles.  The look will change and the biking blog will be just one part of a whole site devoted to encouraging folks to find ways to create margin in their lives (space in their physical, emotional, space, time, etc.) so that they have something out of which to share with others.   Keep coming back.  I probably should get off this computer for now (having been on for over an hour) but will be adding essays throughout this week on building social capital, riding tandem through life, playing The Mennonite Game, the theory of weak ties and more.  I’ve been writing for this website over the last year and have quite a bit to add.     Hope to see you again soon.


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4 Responses to We know the way to San Jose – mile by mile by mile by…

  1. cookie says:


    Thanks for your comments. We’re doodling around Reedley for a couple of days before hopping the train to arrive home on the 13th. Oh the people we’ve met….

    Our assumption is that the part was sent back. It was the guy from the bike shop we ordered the part from who suggested a “macgyver-kind of mechanic” could just fix it with a spring. Since coming to friends here in Reedley who are MacGyver fans, we’ve actually now seen a couple episodes of the tv show, it must have been on while we were in Africa. And yes, we made it 800 or more miles on a 60 cent fix.

    There are bits and pieces we didn’t put on our blog – stories with too much information for some of our readers or a little too personal info to put on the web…that we love to share in less-than-worldwide settings!


  2. Jim Enz says:

    Dave and Cookie, you wowed us all. Have not been following along, but got caught up these last few days. Was exciting to read and follow along with you on the map. Cookie, loved your style of writing, use of words like ” dwaddeling”, and “dithering”. Not sure if these are actual Mennonite terms, but we’ll take credit, and they added to your stories.

    Glad you are safe. Never did say what you did with the brake hub you had on order. I take it you refused the part and went on your way with the .60 repair kit.

    Enjoy your trip home.

    Jim Enz

  3. Gary Histand says:

    Congratulations on the successful completion of your journey. Enjoy the convention and the train ride back to Newton.

  4. Pam Schrag says:

    I’m glad you have made it and pray the next couple of weeks will be full of rest and lots of fun. It is a joy to see all the pictures and guess at the flowers. I look forward to seeing you when you get home and have settled back in to Newon life. God bless you for life changing living! Pam

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